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Discord finally has server folders

Discord finally has server folders


No more scrolling for days

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Discord has finally fixed a, ahem, bug where server folders didn’t exist. The chat service heard the cries of the video gaming community, and it added server folders today to make it much easier to organize the servers you’re participating in. If you’re anything like me, then you’re in more than 30 Discord servers, and the app has been a bit of a mess to organize the long list on the sidebar.

You can now simply drag and drop a server on top of another one to form a folder that will expand when you click on it. You can also assign custom colors and names and arrange these in the sidebar in whatever order you want. This is available immediately in both the desktop and mobile versions of Discord, and it’s now far easier to organize the servers you’re sending the latest memes to.

Alongside the all-important server folder feature, Discord says it has also “shredded our CPU and memory usage and made massive server connection gains.” Overlay performance has also been improved on resolutions that are less than 4K, so the majority of Discord users with regular monitors will see improvements here. Update and refresh your Discord app to get all of these latest refinements.