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Stranger Things portals are popping up in Fortnite

Stranger Things portals are popping up in Fortnite


A battle royale in the Upside Down

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The Upside Down has come to Fortnite’s island. As part of the latest crossover event in Fortnite, Stranger Things-style portals have started appearing in the game’s Mega Mall region. Walk through a portal, and the world will turn dark for a second before you’re transported to another section of the map.

There’s been no official word on a collaboration between Epic and Netflix, but these kinds of events always start with a tease. Before Marshmello’s in-game concert, for instance, promotional posters started popping up at various in-game locations, and before John Wick made his way into Fortnite, his house mysteriously appeared in the game.

Right now, it’s just Stranger Things portals, but we’ll likely see a deeper collaboration in the form of character skins or a limited time mode very soon. Hopefully, there will be a Demogorgon to fight and an Eggo weapon wrap. You can check out the portals right now. Meanwhile, season 3 of Stranger Things kicks off tomorrow.