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Twitter suspends a conspiracy-filled account after Trump retweets it

Twitter suspends a conspiracy-filled account after Trump retweets it


The account pushed all kinds of wackadoo theories

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter suspended an account that peddled conspiracy-laden content on Tuesday after President Donald Trump retweeted it earlier in the day, according to The Daily Beast.  

The account, which operated under the display name “LYNN THOMAS,” was reportedly suspended for breaking Twitter’s rules against “using multiple accounts to artificially amplify or disrupt conversations.” It’s the second account that the president has retweeted that Twitter has suspended for violating its rules. 


The tweet Trump retweeted said, in all caps, “DEMOCRATS ARE THE ONLY ONES INTERFERING IN OUR ELECTIONS. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY SO STRONGLY OPPOSE VOTER ID?” It also included a brightly-colored image that said, “Democrats are the true enemies of America!” 

According to The Daily Beast, the account was also pushing Qanon conspiracy theories and memes. Other posts suggested that Democrats murder children in order to steal their “pineal glands.”

This is the second account that Trump has retweeted that has since been suspended. Earlier this month, Trump retweeted content from an account pretending to be the verified Reagan Battalion account, which was later suspended by Twitter for violating its impersonation policy. 

In June, Twitter announced a new policy that would hide the tweets from influential accounts, like Trump’s, if they broke the platform’s rules. If deemed inappropriate, the tweet would be greyed-out and users would have to press a “View” button before being able to see the content. Even after tweeting out racist remarks about Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and non-white freshman congresspeople, Twitter has yet to apply the policy to Trump. The only action that has been taken against his feed is the suspension of the accounts he’s retweeted, making them disappear from his page.