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Mophie’s iPhone XS and XR battery cases are now available for all

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Featuring Lightning pass-through and wireless charging

Image: Mophie

After releasing exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers back in June, Mophie’s latest iPhone charging case, the Juice Pack Air, is now available for anyone to buy. There are models available to fit the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, and all three support Qi wireless charging, as well as pass-through charging and sync over Lightning. The cases can be bought either from Amazon or directly from Mophie for $99.95.

Luckily for Mophie, the company has managed to release its latest cases before the phones they support reach the end of their life. That wasn’t the case last year, when Mophie released its iPhone X charging case a whole month after the phone was discontinued.

The iPhone XS case (pictured) is available in black, graphite, red, and rose gold.
Image: Mophie

Each of Mophie’s latest cases have a slightly different battery capacity depending on the model you go for. You get 1,720 mAh with the XS model, 1,840 mAh with the XS Max, and 1,650 mAh with the XR. There’s a small battery indicator light on the rear of the case to tell you how much charge it has, and you can top it up with power using either wireless charging or by plugging in a Lightning cable. If you use the latter, it’ll prioritize charging the phone over the case.

With a price that’s $30 cheaper than Apple’s own Smart Battery case, the Mophie Juice Pack Air has a lot going for it. The one downside is that you have to rely on the external status LEDs to see the charge level of the battery pack, since only Apple’s cases support displaying their charge levels within iOS itself.