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CBS’s Star Trek: Picard is getting a prequel novel and comic series

CBS’s Star Trek: Picard is getting a prequel novel and comic series


They’ll lead directly into the TV show

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Image: Paramount

CBS is bringing back Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard sometime next year on its streaming platform All Access. Before it debuts, fans will be able to see what the character has been up to in a new comic series and novel, says

The company announced that IDW Publishing will release a three-issue comic series called Star Trek: Picard — Countdown, which will be written by Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer, who is a supervising producer on the TV show. The series will be about a mission that changes Picard’s life. In February, Simon & Schuster will release a prequel novel called Star Trek: The Last Best Hope, which will lead directly into the show and introduce a number of new characters in it. That book will be written by Una McCormack, who’s written a number of Star Trek tie-in novels over the years.

Like Disney’s Star Wars, Star Trek has a long history of official tie-in novels. There have certainly been plenty of books and comics that have expanded upon the Next Generation series (although Star Trek’s canon typically only includes the films and TV episodes). These two projects will help fill a bit of the 20-year gap between the end of Star Trek: Nemesis and the beginning of Picard. In the first full trailer for the new series, we saw that Picard has retired from Starfleet and taken up residence at his family’s vineyard in France.

CBS hasn’t announced an exact date for when Picard will begin streaming on All Access, only that it will be coming in 2020.