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YouTube TV is offering an extended two-week free trial until August 14th

YouTube TV is offering an extended two-week free trial until August 14th


If you’ve already tried YouTube’s TV service, you’re out of luck

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

YouTube TV must be feeling a crunch from its recent price increase that raised the streaming TV service’s monthly subscription to $50. For “a limited time only,” YouTube TV is offering a two-week free trial instead of the usual one-week duration. Droid Life spotted the longer-than-usual free trial. Sadly (but predictably), this is only for new customers and won’t do you much good if you’ve already tried and canceled YouTube TV.

The fine print reveals that this promo will run from today until August 14th. There are a number of other YouTube TV trial “deals” happening — particularly if you’re a Verizon Wireless or home internet customer. But again, anyone who has already used up their YouTube TV free trial can’t redeem any of these. The service is tied to your Google account, so I’m not sure it’d be worth the trouble of setting up a new email for another free run.

YouTube TV remains my favorite of the live TV streaming services, but at $49.99 per month it’s really approaching the ceiling that I’m willing to pay. Hopefully it doesn’t rise any higher in the near future.

The latest price increase happened back in April when YouTube TV added Discovery’s channels. But some customers were angry that they were hit with a substantial price hike for channels that they might not even care about. Yep, that sounds a lot like the complaints that’ve been lobbed at cable companies for years. But so long as it’s got the channels you do want, I still think streaming TV is the way to go.