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Facebook movie ads will now include ticket and showtime details

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For the 58 percent of people who discover movies online

Facebook ads for movies will now include two new features: premiere reminders and the ability to look up showtimes and buy tickets. Users can hit the “Interested” button when they come across a movie ad in their News Feed, and they’ll receive a notification when the movie is in theaters, similar to how event pages work. On the movie detail page, users will be able to look up showtimes and buy tickets.

The new movie ads are available in the US and UK through partnerships with theater chains AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas. US moviegoers will be able to buy tickets through Fandango and Atom Tickets, while UK users will be able to buy tickets through Odeon Cinemas. To celebrate the launch, Facebook is offering a promo to waive AMC and Atom Tickets convenience fees for movies booked through the platform.

Facebook commissioned a study by Accenture in January, which found that about 58 percent of people discover movies online, with 39 percent of those people specifically using mobile devices to find new releases. Jen Howard, Facebook’s group director of entertainment and technology, told Variety that the company is also considering bringing the reminder feature to series on TV or streaming services.