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Apple Arcade video game subscription service rumored to cost $4.99 per month

Apple Arcade video game subscription service rumored to cost $4.99 per month


If true, it’ll be cheaper than Apple Music and Apple News Plus

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Image: Apple

Apple Arcade, the company’s video game subscription service for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac computers, will likely cost $4.99 per month when it rolls out this fall. That’s according to 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo, who came across the price in a promotional message buried in an App Store API.

Apple has not yet officially announced Apple Arcade pricing, so it could change by the time the iPhone event comes around in September. It could also theoretically be an introductory offer, but that’s not a tactic that Apple has really used much before. Customers will get a one-month free trial of the service, which will offer a catalog of over 100 games that can be played across Apple’s various platforms and devices.

Games can be stopped on one Apple gadget, like an iPhone, and picked up on another, like the Apple TV. Apple has said that Apple Arcade titles will be free of in-app purchases and subscriptions, won’t contain ads, and will support family sharing for up to six people.

Apple is currently running an early access test of Apple Arcade with its own employees before the service makes its way to consumers this fall. During the test period, employees pay just 49 cents per month and also get the one-month trial.

For context on what Apple charges for its other subscription services, Apple Music and Apple News Plus both cost $9.99 monthly. If the rumored $4.99 price holds, Apple Arcade would be cheaper than both of them.