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Samsung’s take on the Surface Laptop leaks out

Samsung’s take on the Surface Laptop leaks out

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Samsung appears to have a new Windows laptop on the way with a design that seems to have taken some inspiration from Microsoft. The Galaxy Book S, which was leaked this afternoon by reporter Evan Blass, has a very square, mono-color keyboard and trackpad layout that very much resembles the design of Microsoft’s Surface Laptop, minus the Surface’s trademark fabric covering.

The rest of the computer is more of a departure, though. From the side, it still looks a lot like a Samsung laptop, and there’s no image yet of the top of the device. Samsung also seems to have stuck with a thinner screen aspect ratio.

For now, spec details are limited. We can see a single USB-C port and a headphone jack, and there’s some speculation that it could be running on a Snapdragon 855 processor paired with 8GB of RAM. Samsung has used Snapdragon processors in this product line before, so it’s entirely possible that’s the plan here.

This would be Samsung’s first expansion of the Galaxy Book line into clamshell laptops. So far, the line has been filled with tablets with detachable keyboards, very much like Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Last year’s Galaxy Book 2, for example, was a tablet with a detachable keyboard and stylus support. It also ran on a Snapdragon processor, the 850.

With the Galaxy Book S, it’s clear that this line will continue to be Samsung’s answer to Microsoft’s Surface devices.