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Vivo shows off Nex 3 in pre-launch video

Vivo shows off Nex 3 in pre-launch video


They just… they Weibo’d it out

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Vivo’s promotion of its upcoming third Nex phone continues today with a short but surprisingly extensive video that pretty much shows off the whole device. Posted to the official Nex Weibo account, the video features people using the phone around the world, confirming aspects of the phone that were previously detailed in sketches.

Here’s the “waterfall” curved glass:

Here’s the back panel, with its supposedly watch-inspired circular camera bump:

Here’s a pop-up selfie camera, which we hadn’t seen before and which looks to be larger than the unit on the original Nex:

And here’s that waterfall screen again, next to what appears to be the phone’s packaging:

There’s still a lot to learn about the Nex 3, such as its tech specs, how the curved screen will work in practice, and whether it’ll even be called the Nex 3. With videos like this being shown in public, though, the full reveal probably can’t be too far off.