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The Matrix is returning to theaters to celebrate its 20th anniversary

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Image: Warner Bros.

The Matrix is headed back to theaters for one week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the sci-fi classic. Specifically, it’ll be screened in the 135 Dolby Cinema AMC theaters around the country, from August 30th to September 5th.

Technically, AMC is a few months late here — the film, which was written and directed by sibling duo Lana and Lilly Wachowski, was released on March 31st, 1999 — but given that the film came out so long ago, there are likely plenty of fans who never had the chance to see it properly in theaters.

Or, more cynically, given Keanu Reeves’ recent current run of pop-culture hype (specifically, the popularity of John Wick 3 and his viral “breathtaking” E3 appearance), it’s possible both Warner Bros. and AMC want to cash in on the moment with the limited release, which just coincidentally can be tied to the significant anniversary of the film as an excuse to extend the summer of Keanu.

As Morpheus would say, you can choose to “believe whatever you want to believe.”