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Apple releases videos that show how the Apple Card works

Apple releases videos that show how the Apple Card works


An in-depth look at the Apple Card

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Image: Apple

To coincide with the start of the Apple Card’s preview program, Apple has released a series of videos detailing how you’ll use its upcoming credit card. The videos cover pretty much every aspect of the card’s functionality, from the application and card setup processes, to how to make payments either in-store or online, and the way its rewards work. There’s basically enough here to let you live vicariously through these videos if you haven’t actually been accepted into the preview program.

Granted, if you’ve ever actually used either a traditional credit card or Apple Pay before then there’s a lot of superfluous information here. However, the more unique aspects of the card mean that there’s plenty to dig into. Check out this video for example, which shows you how to find your card number, which is a little more complicated when it’s not printed on the physical credit card itself. You’ll need these details for online purchases for retailers that don’t directly support Apple Pay, for example.

Another video gives an overview of how to check your spending from within the Wallet app, which acts as a companion to the Apple Card and can show you how much money you’re spending in real time. You can also view your spending across different months, or even within individual spending categories.

Other videos cover how you can use your Daily Cash (Apple’s name for its credit card rewards), how to adjust and make payments, and how to access the card’s support services from within the app.

The preview program for the Apple Card is starting today in the US, and Apple says it expects the card to be broadly released later this month.