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LG teases a triple-screen smartphone for September reveal

LG teases a triple-screen smartphone for September reveal


The device is due to be announced on September 6th

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LG is teasing a smartphone that could have as many as three screens in a short trailer for its press conference at IFA 2019. The 20-second trailer shows a video game mockup being played on a smartphone that features a small video game controller icon and a camera, before a second screen folds out to show a map with a route to the company’s IFA press conference. Finally the device closes, revealing what appears to be a third, smaller screen on its front, which displays the time and date of LG’s presentation.

It’s a very similar concept to the LG V50 ThinQ’s second screen case accessory that LG showed off earlier this year during the phone’s reveal at MWC. However, this detachable accessory — which was never released in the US — didn’t have the additional screen on its exterior, which appears to be new for this version.

We don’t yet know what this device will be called

Beyond what’s teased in the video, we don’t know too much more about what LG is preparing to announce at the show. Android Police and ZDNet both speculate that the device could end up being an accessory for a potential V60 ThinQ, however we’re also curious about whether there’s a possibility that this could simply be a new accessory for LG’s existing V50 ThinQ.

What the device almost certainly won’t be is a foldable, which is a product category that LG has steered away from despite preparing to launch its rollable OLED TV this year. Instead of a folding screen, both the V50 ThinQ’s accessory and this new unannounced device appear to feature two separate screens which are attached by a hinge, and which do not bend like the displays on the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X.

LG’s IFA 2019 press conference is currently scheduled for September 6th at 10AM in Berlin (4AM ET).