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Thatgamecompany’s Journey gets a surprise iOS release

Thatgamecompany’s Journey gets a surprise iOS release


Out now for $4.99

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Journey, the 2012 PlayStation 3 classic by thatgamecompany, is now available on iOS for $4.99, published by Annapurna Interactive. The game was lauded by Polygon at release for its cohesive world, musical score, and multiplayer interactions. 

In the game, you play as a hooded figure on a journey toward a mountain on the horizon. The path forward always has something interesting to investigate, backed by wonderful visuals and music. On your quest, you may come upon another player, but you can only communicate with each other using in-game shouts, forcing you and your new friend to create your own language to move ahead together. 

Journey’s iOS release is the latest in what seems to be a more mobile-focused release strategy for thatgamecompany. It gave PS3 game Flower (2009) a surprise iOS release in 2017 and released its latest game, Sky: Children of the Light, for iOS first in July, with plans to bring the game to Android, Mac, Apple TV, PC, and consoles “soon.”

I played through Journey in one three-hour sitting shortly after its release on PS3, and that playthrough remains one of my all-time favorite gaming memories. It’s nice to see the game come to a mobile platform.