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The bigger, the better: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs. the iPhone XS Max, OnePlus 7 Pro, and more

How large can they go?

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

The term “phablet” was originally coined to describe a phone that’s about as large as a typical tablet. The word has (thankfully) mostly gone out of popular use, but considering the number of super-sized phones that have been hitting the market, there’s a chance it could be resurrected. The latest to be introduced is Samsung’s impressively sized and equipped Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

The Note 10 Plus, with its 6.8-inch display, may boast the largest screen currently available in the US market. (It is outmatched by at least one non-US phone, the Huawei Honor Note 10, with a 6.95-inch display.) However, the size of the display doesn’t necessarily reflect the overall size of the phone. Although the Note 10 Plus measures 6.39 x 3.04 x 0.31 inches, Samsung’s own Galaxy S10 5G (which has a 6.7-inch display) beats it by a hair at 6.40 x 3.04 x 0.31 inches. And although the Pixel 3 XL isn’t all that much smaller at 6.22 x 3.02 x 0.31 inches, its display is a relatively modest 6.3 inches.

Other alternatives in the “bigger is better” sweepstakes include Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus (6.4-inch display), the OnePlus 7 Pro (6.7-inch display), and Apple’s iPhone XS Max (6.5-inch display).

So what do you get with all this extra tech goodness? To start, you get high-resolution screens: the Note 10 Plus, S10 5G, and S10 Plus all have AMOLED displays with resolutions of 3040 x 1440, while the OnePlus 7 Pro’s AMOLED display has a resolution of 3120 x 1440. You get multiple-lens rear cameras; the Note 10 Plus even includes a time-of-flight sensor (also called a which helps measure depth of field. And you get longer battery life, from the 3,174mAh battery found in the iPhone XS Max to the 4,500mAh battery that sits in the Galaxy S10 5G. (Of course, the size of the battery may not indicate how long you’ll get to use the phone, considering how much power the larger displays, multiple cameras, and other features may require.)

What you won’t get from any of these large-scale marvels is a phone that will fit easily in your pocket. But if you want the latest tech in the largest package, here are some specs that may help you decide which to choose.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Spec Comparison

Specification Galaxy Note 10 Plus Galaxy S10 5G OnePlus 7 Pro Galaxy S10 Plus iPhone XS Max Pixel 3 XL
Specification Galaxy Note 10 Plus Galaxy S10 5G OnePlus 7 Pro Galaxy S10 Plus iPhone XS Max Pixel 3 XL
Dimensions (in.) 6.39 x 3.04 x 0.31 6.40 x 3.04 x 0.31 6.40 x 2.99 x 0.35 6.20 x 2.92 x 0.31 6.20 x 3.05 x 0.30 6.22 x 3.02 x 0.31
Weight (lb.) 0.43 0.44 0.45 0.39 0.46 0.41
Display (in.) 6.8 6.7 6.7 6.4 6.5 6.3
Resolution 3040 x 1440 3040 x 1440 3120 x 1440 3040 x 1440 2688 x 1242 2880 x 1440
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 855 (US)/ Samsung Exynos 9820 (elsewhere) Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 855 (US)/ Samsung Exynos 9820 (elsewhere) A12 Bionic Snapdragon 845
RAM 12GB 8GB 6GB, 8GB, 12GB 8GB, 12GB 4GB 4GB
Storage 256GB, 512GB 256GB, 512GB 128GB, 256GB 128GB, 512GB, 1TB 64GB, 256GB, 512GB 64GB, 128GB
Rear camera 12MP, 16MP (ultra-wide), 12MP (telephoto), ToF (time-of-flight) sensor 12MP, 16MP (ultra-wide),12MP (wide), ToF (time-of-flight) sensor 48MP, 8MP (telephoto), 16MP (ultra-wide) 12MP, 16MP (ultra-wide),12MP (wide) 12MP, 12MP (wide) 12MP
Front camera 10MP 10MP, ToF (time-of-flight) sensor 16MP 10MP, 8MP 7MP 8MP, 8MP (wide)
Battery 4,300mAh 4,500mAh 4,000mAh 4,100mAh 3,174mAh 3,430mAh
Water protection IP68 IP68 n/a IP68 IP68 IP68
Wireless charging? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Ports USB-C USB-C, headphone jack USB-C USB-C, headphone jack Lightning port USB-C
Starting price $1,099.99 $1,299.99 $669.00 $999.99 $1,099.00 $599.00