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Microsoft’s MSDN Magazine is shutting down after more than 30 years

Microsoft’s MSDN Magazine is shutting down after more than 30 years


As developer resources move online

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft’s developer-focused MSDN Magazine is shutting down in November, after more than three decades of publication. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has taken the decision after basically all of its technical resources have migrated online to sites including, the Visual Studio Subscriptions portal, and The Visual Studio Blog. In addition to the new online resources, Microsoft says it will archive all previous issues of MSDN Magazine, and will make them available online.

Although MSDN Magazine has a legacy that stretches back over three decades, it’s only actually been produced under its current name since 2000, when Microsoft merged its Microsoft Systems Journal and Microsoft Internet Developer magazines into a single publication. According to this, now deleted, page from Microsoft’s website, Microsoft Systems Journal started way back in 1986 as Microsoft’s first programming publication.

If you’re still hanging on to your MSDN Magazine subscription then Microsoft says it will refund you the remainder of your subscription after its last issue in November.