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A 5G version of the smaller Samsung Galaxy Note 10 exists, but isn’t coming to the US

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It’s exclusive to South Korea

See the photo above? Given the US pricing, it would be natural to assume that Samsung is releasing a 5G version of the smaller 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 10 to the US — however, you’d be wrong. Samsung isn’t bringing this version of the phone to the US or other regions, for that matter. The 5G version of the Note 10, which was briefly mentioned on a slide during today’s Unpacked 2019 event, is launching exclusively in South Korea.

As for why other countries are only getting the Note 10 Plus 5G, there are a few possible reasons. It’s not unusual for Samsung to treat its home country to exclusive variations of its devices, and given that many of South Korea’s cities are densely populated, it’s an ideal testing ground for the Note 10 5G models.

In fact, in a glass-half-full kind of way, it makes sense that the US and other places will only be offered the larger Note 10 Plus 5G. The US has only a fledgling 5G infrastructure, and where mmWave 5G nodes are actually available, they are only in very small areas.

Besides, how many flagship phones does Samsung really need to introduce at one time?