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Google Maps AR walking directions arrive on iOS and Android

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Available in beta this week

Google is making its new augmented reality walking directions, known now as Google Maps Live View, available to a much wider range of Android phones and the iPhone today. The AR walking directions first appeared on Google’s Pixel phones earlier this year, showing real-time navigation in Google Maps through your phone’s camera. You can hold your phone up next to streets and your surroundings to see arrows and directions overlaid on top of the camera view to make it far easier to locate buildings and your destination.

Android devices that support ARCore or iPhones that include ARKit support will be able to access Google Maps Live View in beta this week. This is how you can test out Live View:

  • Search for a location you want to walk to or tap it on a map
  • Tap on the directions button at the bottom
  • Select walking directions at the top of the screen
  • Tap on the new Live View option at the bottom of the screen

The new Google Maps Live View feature is part of a bigger update to Google’s mapping service. Google wants Travel and Maps to be the place you plan your trips from start to finish, and it’s adding in features to help travelers plan trips. You can read more about that right here.