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The iPhone 11 will come in new colors: green and purple

The iPhone 11 will come in new colors: green and purple


It’s easy being green

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While Samsung is offering its latest phone in rainbow hues, Apple has decided to look toward a more ecological color cast. The iPhone 11, the budget model of the iPhone line, will be coming out in a new pale green model.

Since Apple has made the color green something of a warning signal (texts that show up as green bubbles in iMessage are a signal that the sender does not — gasp — own an iPhone), it’s surprising that the company isn’t adverse to using that color for its latest devices. However, green is apparently a laudatory hue when it refers to the latest version of Apple’s lower-cost iPhone.

The new iPhone 11 is also coming out in a new purple hue — for those who want to feel royal — and the previous white, black, yellow and red. No longer available are the previous blue and coral colors.

Of course, the color of the new phone isn’t its only advantage. For example, while this lower-cost phone won’t have the three-camera system of the higher-end iPhones, it will have the ability to do an automatic Night mode and an ultra-wide view. However, if you’re into the color green — whether it’s because of the ecological implications or because you simply like the color — then you’ve got a new iPhone you can try.