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iOS 13 is coming on September 19th, but it won’t have every feature right away

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With Dark Mode, updated Apple Maps, and Memoji stickers

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Apple will release its next iOS iteration — iOS 13 — on September 19th for the iPhone 6S and later, the company announced today. iOS 13.1 will be available on September 30th.

The update gives some much-needed love to dated apps on the iPhone, including Maps, Photos, and Reminders, and it gives the people what they really want: Dark Mode. The update to Apple Maps will likely be one of the most profound changes, which my colleague Chaim Gartenberg tried in June. The maps interface is completely revamped with more data and a row of icons for people’s favorite locations, like their home or work. It also offers real-time public transit estimates and a Google Street View-esque mode, which is years late but finally here. It might not help the company overtake Google Maps’ dominance, but loyal Apple Maps users will certainly notice the improvements.

Other smaller but nifty features include a new Find My app that combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. It also includes a swiping keyboard for faster typing. Memoji can be turned into stickers, and the Health app now has a built-in period tracker to predict menstrual cycles and sync with the Apple Watch.

The iOS 13.1 update will include updates that were initially planned for iOS 13, including Siri being able to read incoming messages aloud; Siri shortcuts being able to be added to HomeKit automations; sharing an ETA with friends; and the ability to import photos directly into an app when a camera is connected to an iOS device. Other updates, like, audio sharing between two sets of AirPods, and HomePod and AirPlay 2-enabled speakers being able to access songs, playlists, and radio stations with Apple Music are being pushed to “later this fall.”