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Apple Watch Studio lets you make the Apple Watch of your dreams

Apple Watch Studio lets you make the Apple Watch of your dreams


Mix and match cases and straps for that perfect look

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Today, coinciding with the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple has launched Apple Watch Studio, a way to mix and match Watch casings and Watch straps to order the exact Apple Watch Series 5 that you want. It’s available right now on Apple’s website and in the Apple Store App, and will be coming to Apple’s retail stores in the future.

Previously, Apple only let you customize your Watch by picking from Apple-selected sets of casings and straps, and by buying individual straps to add afterwards. Apple did offer a lot of different casing/strap combos, but if you wanted, say, the stainless steel watch with a link bracelet, you would have had to buy them separately. With Apple Watch Studio, you don’t have to buy anything extra.

Plus, you can get a really good idea of what your custom combination will look like using Apple’s new online interface:

After making your selections, you click or tap the “I’m done” button on your screen, and then you’ll be able to confirm your case size, pick if you want a model with cellular connectivity, and check out. And if you don’t want to use Apple Watch Studio, you don’t have to — Apple still sells its Apple-designed casing/strap sets as well as individual straps.

Notably, it seems Apple Watch Studio will only let you customize an Apple Watch Series 5 — you won’t be able to design a custom casing/strap combo for an Apple Watch Series 3, which is now the oldest model that Apple sells. And Apple Watch Studio may not be available where you live — Apple says it’s “not available in all countries,” but it hasn’t specified which.