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HBO’s His Dark Materials adaptation will premiere on November 4th

HBO’s His Dark Materials adaptation will premiere on November 4th


Not long to wait

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After months of teasers and trailers, HBO has finally announced a release date for its upcoming His Dark Materials TV series, which is adapted from the popular fantasy book series by Philip Pullman. It’ll premiere on November 4th on HBO and a day earlier (on November 3rd) on BBC One in the UK.

There’s not a new trailer to accompany the release date announcement, but the date does mean that fans will only have to wait a few short weeks before jumping back into the world of Lyra Belacqua (played by Logan star Dafne Keen). His Dark Materials is set in an alternate world where parts of people’s souls manifest as external animals called daemons. Lyra faces off against the Church, a powerful religious group that looks to understand the nature of the universe. (Things escalate considerably from there.)

Unlike Game of Thrones, His Dark Materials isn’t being directly produced by the network. Instead, it’s a co-production between the BBC and HBO along with New Line Cinema; HBO is handling the distribution for the show outside of the UK.

Still, the series is likely to be a big deal for the premium cable service, which is looking to fill a notably Thrones-shaped hole in its lineup going forward. While Pullman’s series may skew a little more family-friendly than Game of Thrones, the epic, worlds-spanning scope of the story could help draw in fans of HBO’s premiere dragon series. HBO and the BBC are certainly betting big on it: the second season has already begun production.

The TV series won’t be the first attempt to adapt Pullman’s fantasy trilogy. An ill-fated film adaptation called The Golden Compass was released in 2007, but it wasn’t successful, and any plans for sequels were canned. Pullman has recently returned to the world of the series with a new trilogy called The Book of Dust. The second book in that trilogy, The Secret Commonwealth, is set to arrive on October 3rd.