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PopSockets reinvents mug handles

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The PopThirst Cup Sleeve & Can Holder is coming

Image: PopSockets

PopSockets, the maker of smartphone grips, is getting into the mug business. The company plans to integrate its signature pop-out tabs that stick to the backs of phones into koozies. The new product, called the PopThirst Cup Sleeve, is nasty-looking but should fit most “coffee cups, pint glasses, and various beverage cups.” As you can see below, it’s also ideal for Frappuccinos.

Image: PopSockets

The PopThirst works with both hot and cold beverages, and it comes in two sizes: one for cans and one for cups. Both sizes cost $15 and integrate a PopGrip, or the thing you probably think of as a PopSocket. They’ll go on sale on September 15th.

It’s unclear how this contraption is supposed to work. Are you supposed to hold the PopGrip as a handle? Are you supposed to hold the PopThirst and then use the PopGrip as extra support? PopSockets only says the grip is “designed to help you hold your drink more easily to avoid spills.” Hold at your own risk!