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How sampling and streaming are changing the future of music

How sampling and streaming are changing the future of music


The Vergecast and Future of Music crossover

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Photo by Ryan “Rhondo” Manning for The Verge

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay Patel talks to Dani Deahl, music reporter and host of The Verge’s video series Future of Music.

Dani walks Nilay through two episodes of Future of Music season 2 — one about how music sampling has changed the way people are writing music, and the other about how music streaming platforms are reshaping the music industry.

“Advances in technology have not only affected the way people get their sounds or create their sounds,” says Dani, “but it’s also affected the release process; how artists put their music out into the world.”

In this episode, you’ll hear some clips from Future of Music, including interviews from the producers of “Despacito” about how they distribute samples for anyone to use in their music and also a preview of an upcoming episode with Charli XCX about how streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are changing the way songs are made.

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