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Tinder is reportedly making an apocalyptic Choose Your Own Adventure-style series

Tinder is reportedly making an apocalyptic Choose Your Own Adventure-style series

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Tinder may be expanding from matchmaking into original video content. According to Variety, Tinder has developed a lengthy Choose Your Own Adventure-style series about a group of characters facing the end of the world. It’ll be controlled by swipes, of course, and it’ll reportedly include more than two hours of content.

While this all sounds like a particularly odd move from Tinder, there’s apparently a matchmaking motivation behind it. Variety reports that viewers who make the same choices may then be matched up with one another, giving them something to chat about and suggesting they have something in common. Tinder declined to comment.

From the director of Drake’s “God’s Plan” video

For now, it’s not entirely clear how all of this will work or when any of it will premiere. Variety says the six-episode series could even move over to a traditional streaming service later on, which would mean this is more than just a silly game designed to set people up. The project was reportedly directed by Karena Evans, who’s made a number of music videos for Drake, including “God’s Plan.”

Dating apps have increasingly looked for different ways to bring people together. Tinder has tried to pair people at musical festivals and spring break hot spots this past year, and the dating app Scruff even tried an in-app quiz show, like HQ, to bring people together.

As games and streaming TV take up more and more of people’s time, mixing the two may make sense as a way to draw people to Tinder. And while choosing your own adventure is certainly a novel approach, this actually isn’t Tinder’s first crack at original content: the company also has a podcast all about the quirks of dating.