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Huawei’s Thursday event lineup apparently leaks in full

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Including the Mate 30 series, Watch GT 2, the MediaPad M6, a Huawei TV, and a fitness band

The Mate 30 can be seen here in four of its upcoming colors.
Image: 长安数码君 / Weibo

Huawei is running out of surprises for its Mate 30 launch event on September 19th. Not only has the Mate 30 Pro itself leaked in new images posted on Weibo as well as a pair of videos, but Android Headlines has reported what it claims is the entire announcement lineup for tomorrow’s event. The report claims Huawei will announce the Watch GT 2 smartwatch, a new fitness band, a TV, and the worldwide release of the MediaPad M6 Android tablet.

Since Evan Blass tweeted a collection of renders of the Mate 30 lineup, including the Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro, and Mate 30 Lite, there aren’t many details left for photographs to reveal. They do confirm a display that curves around the edges of the Mate 30 Pro, rear cameras contained within a circular camera bump, and a large notch at the top of the display, which a tweet from Blass suggests is due to the additional sensors required for Huawei’s face unlock technology.

The photograph shows off the now-familiar circular camera bump on the rear of the Mate 30 Pro.
Image: 长安数码君 / Weibo
The Mate 30 Pro appears to have a large notch containing some kind of face unlock technology.
Image: 长安数码君 / Weibo

As well as photographs, we’ve also seen a pair of videos of the Mate 30 Pro. One unboxing was uploaded to TikTok before being reposted to Youtube, while a second short video gives another brief look at the device.

At this point, the biggest unknowns about the Mate 30 Pro surrounds its internals, both in terms of specs and software. For example, we’re still waiting for more details about its camera array beyond a tweet from Ice Universe which suggested that it will have a pair of 40-megapixel sensors along with an 8-megapixel sensor and a time-of-flight sensor. There are also big questions about the phone’s software, after Google confirmed that the Mate 30 phones will not be able to launch with official Google apps, meaning they won’t be able to easily access Google’s Play Store.

The situation had previously lead Huawei to announce an operating system of its own called Harmony OS, which is designed to power everything from wearables to smart speakers. However, at the moment the only Harmony OS device Huawei has announced is the Honor Vision smart TV, and it’s said that it intends to continue using Android for its phones where possible. The Mate 30 series is expected to run the open-sourced version of Android, similar to Huawei phones sold in China.

Along with its new range of phones, Android Headlines claims that Huawei will have a new smart watch, a fitness band, a Huawei-branded TV, and a MediaPad M6 to show off at the event.

The smart watch is thought to be the Huawei Watch GT 2. Android Headlines says that this time around the watch will come in two different sizes. There will apparently be a version with a 1.2-inch AMOLED display, in addition to the 1.39-inch display seen on the previous model. Both sizes are powered by Huawei’s new A1 chip which the company announced alongside the Freebuds 3 back at IFA, but the smaller watch size apparently doesn’t include a microphone. There will be four different designs of the watch overall, which are thoroughly detailed in a series of tweets from Evan Blass.

The new watch will be available in four different styles and two different sizes.
Image: Android Headlines

Along with the Watch GT 2, Huawei reportedly has a second wearable announcement planned for the event: a new fitness band. The device will apparently be equipped with GPS, a motion sensor, a geomagnetic sensor, an air pressure sensor, and an optical heart rate sensor. The images shared by Android Headlines suggests that it has a built-in USB connector for charging without a cradle.

There’s no mention of what operating system the two wearable ranges will run on. Huawei dropped Google’s Wear OS for its first Watch GT in favor of its own software. There’s a chance the devices could switch to using the company’s new Harmony OS software.

The new fitness band will be equipped with GPS and a heart-rate sensor.
Image: Android Headlines
The band also appears to have a built-in USB connector.
Image: Android Headlines

Android Headlines also says that the company might announce a Huawei-branded TV, following on from the set it previously announced from its Honor sub-brand. Like the Honor Vision, Huawei’s new TV will apparently run its first-party Harmony OS operating system, and also feature a pop-up camera designed for video calling. We don’t know too much about the specs of the TV or what sizes it will be available in, but at least one model will be available with an Ultra HD resolution, according to Android Headlines.

Like the Honor Vision, the TV will also feature a pop-up selfie camera.
Image: Android Headlines
The TV will carry Huawei’s own branding, rather than that of its Honor sub-brand.
Image: Android Headlines

The final announcement Huawei could make at tomorrow’s event is the worldwide release of the MediaPad M6, the 10.8-inch Android tablet the company released in the Chinese market back in July.

It’s common for devices to leak before big events but it’s rare to see an entire lineup emerge in one go like this. If these leaks are accurate, the only announcements that Huawei will be left to make are detailed specs, pricing, and release dates.