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North now lets you order Focals smart glasses by taking a 3D scan of your face

North now lets you order Focals smart glasses by taking a 3D scan of your face


In-person fitting no longer required

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Image: North

North’s Focals smart glasses have had pretty limited reach so far, requiring potential buyers to visit one of two boutique stores that the company runs in Brooklyn and Toronto. (There are also pop-up showrooms elsewhere from time to time.) But now, the company is widening the availability significantly by using Apple’s TrueDepth camera — the depth-scanning system on iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max — to find the right fit without requiring an in-person visit.

The new Focals Showroom app will gather measurements for your face with a 3D scan, let you preview how the different colors of Focals will look on you, upload a prescription, and place an order. “Shortly after, we’ll ship your Focals directly to you with set-up instructions,” the company says on its website.

Yes, this option leaves out everyone with an Android phone or older iPhone. North does note that you can always just borrow a friend’s newer iPhone to be fitted or order. Focals start at $599 for non-prescription glasses, so you’d hope this new fitting method will prove accurate for customers buying from home.

In late August, North added native support for Android notification actions, which enabled Focals owners to respond to notifications (like deleting an email) instead of just staring at them. iOS integration is still iffy, but if you’re into the idea of what’s basically a smartwatch for your face, getting the Focals just got a little easier.