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Tinder’s Choose Your Own Adventure-style series will pair matches based on their choices

Tinder’s Choose Your Own Adventure-style series will pair matches based on their choices


There’ll be moral dilemmas, and choices will be added to profiles

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Tinder is launching Swipe Night, a weekly Choose Your Own Adventure-style experience that’ll match users based on the choices they make. The first episode of the “interactive, apocalyptic adventure” will debut on October 6th, and new episodes will run every Sunday in October.

During each five-minute vertical video episode, viewers will get seven seconds to swipe on moral dilemmas and practical choices as they lead a group of friends through the end of the world. Choices will be added to viewers’ profiles, which Tinder hopes will spark conversation and make for some unconventional icebreakers. “There’s definitely no wrong answers,” says Tinder product lead Kyle Miller. “It really pulls out who you are, your personality, and your values. We don’t categorize or label by the choices.”

no relation to Purge Night

Viewers in the US will have to tune in on Sunday nights between 6PM local time and midnight to watch, as each episode will only be available for six hours. The experience is something akin to a live watch party. Having everyone swiping concurrently is a purposeful decision that Tinder’s experimented with in the past, via Festival Mode and Spring Break Mode. “We feel like Tinder’s at its very best when people are all on it simultaneously. Conversations happen quicker, and matches happen faster,” Miller says.

To appeal to Gen Z (18- to 25-year olds), which Tinder says comprises half of its membership, the series is directed by Karena Evans (whose credits include Drake’s music videos for “God’s Plan” and “In My Feelings”), and written by Nicole Delaney and Brandon Zuck, who have written for series like Big Mouth and Insecure.

“We’re excited to take a stab at doing something that’s never been done before,” Miller says. “The goal of this feature is to get you talking, and building that curiosity.”