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Google Chrome is getting way better tab management soon

Google Chrome is getting way better tab management soon


It’s finally catching up to rival browsers

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If you’re a Chrome user who likes to have 50 tabs open at a time, Google is making things way easier soon. Tab management in Chrome currently requires you to hover over each tab and wait for a description of the tab or to simply spot one visually via the tiny favicon. This can be difficult when you’ve got a lot of tabs open, so Google is addressing it with a new preview that will allow you to hover over tabs quickly to get to the right one.

Other browsers have been managing this better for years, including Microsoft Edge and Apple’s Safari, but it’s good to see Chrome getting some improvements. At first, it will be limited to just previews of the page titles, but Google promises Chrome will support a full thumbnail of the tab soon.

Alongside the tab changes, Google is also planning to tweak the Chrome address bar to show results faster. You’ll get instant answers for queries about weather, translations, sports events, and more. Google is also adding in more color customizations for Chrome themes. A new tool will let you change the color of the entire browser and the new tab page, all without having to install Chrome themes from the Chrome web store.

It’s not clear exactly when all of these changes will be available, but Google says they’re rolling out “later in the fall.”