Apple Core


Cupertino, the good kind of Evil?


Let make me take you down a trip down my mobile lives memory lane:

I’ve started out with a iPhone (3g), followed it up with a 4g... then I went for Android, because of you know... big screen... HTC One, Sony Xperia Z2... thought iPhones where over rated and over paid... and expressed my feelings forcefully... got infatuated with Windows Phones tiles design... went Nokia Lumia 930, still one of the best phones I’ve ever owned, followed it up with a Microsoft Lumia 950xl and I still hold a special place in my heart for Microsoft’s mobile efforts... amazing OS... lack of Dev support killed it... went galaxy S7, Note 8 and absolutely loved Samsung’s devices... but bricked my Note 8... so thought I’d go full circle and got myself a iPhone 8 Plus.

When Civilization 6 got a iPad release, I sold my Surface Pro 3 and got a iPad Pro 10.5 inch... and bought the game (cause mobile Civ, nuking Gandhi, while literally taking a massive dump, is the dream, right?!)... and a while later got myself a Apple Watch series 2 off, of Marktplaats (a Dutch version of eBay)... and now they have me locked in!

That’s what Apple does well. They have a great ecosystem of apps. If it where not for my €60 purchase of Civilization, plus DLC’s and the Brave New World expansion preventing me from jumping ship? It, for sure, is the fact that my watch only works with a iPhone. And the funny thing is, I don’t mind being owned by Apple... they make the grip they have on you’re mobile life feel comfortable and easy. There devices and software are just that good.

Not to say Android or Windows aren’t good, or great on there own? They are... and I still wish Windows Mobile grew to become a viable third mobile platform... damn how I loved that OS and how much it broke my heart to see it fail!

But, I guess, that what I’m trying to say is that: After experiencing all the three major platforms? I have to conclude that I can’t find the complete package, the way I find it in iOS and iOS devices, anywhere else... and that’s how Cupertino gets you... it’s the good kind of evil, I suppose?!