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How to follow along with Amazon’s 2019 hardware event

How to follow along with Amazon’s 2019 hardware event


Lots of new products are being introduced

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The Amazon logo over a black background with orange lines
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

While the new phones being introduced by Apple, Google, and other companies may be getting most of the attention, there are other tech companies that are presenting their latest products this fall, too — and Amazon is not the least of them. Famously secretive about its upcoming announcements (as opposed to, say, Google), Amazon will not be live-streaming its event, but The Verge will be presenting a play-by-play via our live blog, so you can get all of the news as it is announced.

What can you expect? Possibly new Echo-related devices or Alexa-powered products, updates to Amazon’s Fire products or home security devices. And who knows what else?

Whatever Amazon decides to announce, The Verge will be on top of it. You can be as well, by following along with our intrepid and opinionated reporters.


Start time: New York: 1PM / San Francisco: 10AM / London: 6PM / Berlin: 7PM / Moscow: 8PM / New Delhi: 10:30PM / Beijing: 1AM (September 26th) / Tokyo: 2AM (September 26th) / Melbourne: 3AM (September 26th)

Live blog: Tune in to The Verge’s live blog for the latest news, expert commentary, and photos from the event at Amazon’s Seattle campus.

Live tweeting: Follow @verge on Twitter for the highlights and new products introduced at Amazon’s event.

Live Instagram updates: Keep an eye on @verge on Instagram for live updates from our team.