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The biggest announcements from Amazon’s fall 2019 hardware event

The biggest announcements from Amazon’s fall 2019 hardware event


All of the headlines from Amazon’s big hardware-focused event

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Amazon’s huge 2019 hardware event has wrapped up. The company announced 15 new products, including the Echo Buds truly wireless headphones, the Dolby Atmos-equipped Echo Studio speaker, and the Echo Frames, which have built-in microphones so you can chat with Alexa.

A few of the announcements were minor revisions, like the Echo Dot smart speaker with an integrated clock, and the Alexa Smart Oven that can convection bake and air fry food items (in addition to being a regular microwave). But there were more than a few unexpected surprises, including the Echo Loop smart ring, the new, affordable Eero mesh Wi-Fi router, the Amazon Fetch pet tracker, and more.

Unlike most major hardware events, this one wasn’t streamed live. But you can check out every headline below, ordered from the most recent announcement to the oldest.

The Echo Loop is a smart ring that vibrates

The 15th (!) and final device that Amazon unveiled today is the Echo Loop, a smart ring that nudges you with vibrations. It is built with a titanium frame and looks rather large, though it’s understandable given that it features a haptic engine and two microphones. It will launch for $129. Like the Echo Frames, these will be sold in an invite-only program to start.

Amazon unveils Echo Frames eyeglasses

The new Echo Frames look like regular eyeglasses. They don’t have a display or a camera, but they feature discreet microphones so you can chat with Alexa without getting out your phone. These start at $179 and will be released in limited quantity, i.e. invite-only.

Amazon unveils Echo Buds, its hands-free headphones

Amazon’s first foray into headphones are the Echo Buds. They feature dual armature drivers in each bud, so they should be balanced in sound. Amazon says that they feature five hours of continuous battery life, with up to 20 hours with the included case.

There’s a big focus on noise isolation, and Amazon incorporated Bose’s smart noise isolation to make it easier to hear what you’re listening to. Surprisingly, these will work with your current voice assistant, whether it’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

They’re available for preorder today, shipping in time for the holidays, for $129.

The Alexa Smart Oven is Amazon’s latest home appliance

Succeeding last year’s Alexa-powered microwave, Amazon has announced the Alexa Smart Oven. It’s a microwave, and it can also handle convection cooking and air frying. You can even scan barcodes on food items and Alexa will give you suggested cooking times. It’s available for preorder today for $249.99.

Ring’s new indoor camera is really small, and cheap

The new Ring indoor camera is available for $59.99 today, and it’s very small. According to Amazon, it can be powered by your wall outlet, and alternatively, it can run on a battery. Importantly, this product supports Alexa’s new “Home mode” that disables video recording at your command.

If you already have a home security kit installed, and don’t want to ditch it completely, Ring’s new retrofitting alarm kit will supposedly allow you to do that. It’s $199, and it can work with all of your current security infrastructure, including window sensors.

The Echo Flex is Amazon’s smallest Echo device

Amazon is taking preorders starting today for Echo Flex, which is Amazon’s smallest Echo device. It plugs directly into a power outlet, and it contains a microphone for Alexa queries and commands. It will cost $24.99, and if you want to add on a motion sensor and nightlight attachment, that costs an extra $14.

Amazon announces the “all-new Eero”

The latest addition to Eero’s lineup of mesh Wi-Fi systems is a product that’s simply called the “all-new Eero.” It has a dual-band radio, adaptive backhaul, and you can ask Alexa to pause Wi-Fi going to particular devices, or to activate, say, the guest Wi-Fi network. Amazon touts that it only takes 10 minutes or less to set up this device. It’s $99, and you can order a three pack for $249.

Echo Glow is a smart lamp for kids

Most Echo products are made for adults, but the Echo Glow is made for kids. It’s a colorful lamp that can blink in patterns, or go into “campfire” mode to mimic a, well, campfire. It’s available for preorder today for $29.99.

Amazon introduces the Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s latest smart display. As you might have guessed, it has an eight-inch screen and is available for preorder starting today for $129. It complements the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 10, giving customers yet another sizing option to choose between.

Amazon says that Alexa will be the only voice assistant that can pull contextual information from recipes, and say them out loud so that you don’t need to be glued to the Echo Show’s display.

Amazon’s new Echo Studio is its high-end smart speaker

The Echo Studio is the latest entry to the Echo smart speaker lineup. It supports Dolby Atmos and 3D audio. Amazon says that it’s the “most innovative speaker” that it has built. The speaker can adapt its sound output based on the room that it’s placed in. It’s available for preorder today for $199.

Image: Amazon

Amazon introduces an improved version of its base Echo speaker

The latest generation of Amazon’s Echo speaker is available for preorder today. Amazon says that it has features found in the more capable Echo Plus, like neodymium drivers, and it has new fabric design colors.

Celebrity voices are coming to Alexa

Amazon will debut new voices for Alexa, including Samuel L. Jackson, and yes, there’s an explicit version of his voice that incorporates swears. Jackson is the first celebrity to have his voice used in Amazon’s “neural text-to-speech,” so no matter what you ask your smart speaker, it should sound just like the celebrity.

The latest generation of Echo Dot has a clock on it

Amazon says that the most frequently asked query from Echo Dot users is “what time is it?,” so it’s addressing those needs with the new Echo Dot. It has the time integrated into the fabric that surrounds the speaker. It’s available starting today for $59. Amazon says that the older Echo Dot will remain on sale.

Amazon pushes privacy

In addition to allowing users to switch off the microphone or camera, depending on the device, Amazon will soon introduce a “Home mode” that prevents their devices from recording audio or video.

Additionally, Amazon will implement new Alexa commands that let you delete your stored voice data. You can say “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

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