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Apple Music for Android adds dark mode and Chromecast support

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Plus, support for a whole bunch of radio stations

Image: Apple

With its latest update, Apple Music’s Android app is now able to stream to Chromecast devices. 9to5Google notes that Chromecast support has been available in the beta version of the app since late August, but it’s now available to all users.

Along with Chromecast support, the app now features a dark mode, which supports Android 10’s system-wide setting, and it also can access radio stations via TuneIn,, and iHeartRadio. Android Police reports that the service can access as many as 100,000 radio stations through these services. (For whatever reason, the patch notes I’m seeing on the UK’s Google Play Store don’t include this number.)

Adding more features to its Android app, as well as the Android Auto support that was added to the app last week, will be important as Apple transitions into a company that’s increasingly reliant on service subscriptions for its revenue. Apple wants its services to be appealing, regardless of the hardware you choose to use.