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Amazon’s new Echo Flex lets you put Alexa everywhere in your home

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Plug-in Alexa with modular accessories

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Amazon is introducing another way to get Alexa into your home, the Echo Flex. It’s a tiny speaker that you plug directly into a wall outlet, so you can get Alexa in every room of your house more easily. Amazon has built a full-sized USB port into the bottom of the $24.99 Echo Flex, so you can use it by your nightstand and still charge your phone, or even plug additional accessories into the Echo Flex.

Amazon is announcing two Echo Flex accessories that you’ll be able to slot into the bottom, a motion sensor and a night light. Both will be priced at $14.99, and since the Flex is clearly modular we’ll likely see a lot more accessories in the future. Amazon is even building an API for software developers, and will share the specs for accessories in the future so others can build for the Flex. The first accessories are made by a company called Thirdreality.

The modular aspect of the Echo Flex is definitely the most interesting part. If Amazon can convince other hardware makers to create add-ons for the Flex then this could be a new way to move Alexa into controlling even more electronics in the home.

The Echo Flex is available for preorder today and should begin shipping mid November.

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