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Cloudflare’s free mobile VPN is now available in its app

Cloudflare’s free mobile VPN is now available in its app


There’s also a paid tier

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Image: Cloudflare

Cloudflare today released the free VPN add-on, called Warp, for its DNS resolver mobile app for all users, following the initial announcement back in April. Cloudflare is also launching a paid version, Warp Plus, that uses Cloudflare’s Argo technology, which promises additional speed and security.

Cloudflare’s goal for Warp is to make a mobile VPN that not only makes browsing more secure, but also faster. And, since it’s a VPN for your phone, it should make any internet traffic from your phone more secure, too. However, you can’t use Warp to spoof your location — you’ll need to use another VPN if you want to watch your favorite show that’s not on the US version of Netflix.

There were approximately 2 million people on the Warp waitlist

Cloudflare says there were “approximately two million people” on the waitlist for Warp. The company adds that it wanted to launch Warp in July, but the release took longer than expected. “It turned out that building a next generation service to secure consumer mobile connections without slowing them down or burning battery was… harder than we originally thought,” writes CEO Matthew Prince in a blog post.

In my own testing of the free version of Warp, I haven’t felt any noticeable changes to my internet speeds or battery life. According to Cloudflare, that free version has no bandwidth caps or “limitations,” and I haven’t noticed any particular slowdowns. That said, if you want the additional speed and security benefits of Warp Plus, you’ll have to pay $4.99 a month in the US. Cloudflare says the price will vary by region.

If you were on the waitlist, Cloudflare says it will give you 10GB of Warp Plus, but some commenters on the announcement blog and on Reddit haven’t seen that show up yet. If you haven’t, Cloudfare is advising you to send a bug report in the app by tapping on the little insect icon on the top of the screen. If you recently switched phones, though, you might be out of luck — Cloudflare says your waitlist number was tied to your individual device.