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The NFL is now on TikTok to court younger viewers

The NFL is now on TikTok to court younger viewers


To kick off the NFL’s 100th season

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The NFL and TikTok have announced a multiyear partnership ahead of the NFL’s 100th season, which kicks off this Thursday. The official NFL TikTok account will be sharing behind-the-scenes footage and highlight reels, and of course, memes (there’s already a “when they hold the door but you’re kinda far away” skit up). The account is part of a strategy to court a younger demographic that’s watching increasingly less football, as well as to open up the sport to a global audience through the platform’s reach. CNBC reports that the partnership is a two-year deal, and that the companies would not disclose financial details.

TikTok will also be promoting NFL content on the app, through hashtag challenges. Currently, the NFL is running a #WeReady hashtag challenge, asking TikTok users to create videos showing which teams they’re cheering for, from September 3rd to September 5th. The hashtag challenge will feature various TikTok creators and NFL clubs during the campaign. TikTok will also have a presence at Thursday’s NFL kickoff game in Chicago’s Soldier Field, and attendees will be able to create NFL-themed TikTok videos.

The NFL isn’t the first sports organization to partner with TikTok; Wimbledon and the NBA have both worked with the platform to promote their games. TikTok crossed the one-year mark of its US debut last month, and partnerships with major brands have helped legitimize the platform and bring in more revenue. However, it’s a different story for TikTok’s own users, as top creators are still figuring out ways to monetize the videos they produce.