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Amazon reportedly wants to put its Go cashierless technology in Regal theaters and other stores

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The integration could kick off sometime next year

Amazon Opens First Go Store To Accept Cash Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Amazon might be slowing down the expansion of its own Amazon Go locations, but the company is in talks to license out the technology that powers those cashierless stores to other retailers. Per a new report from CNBC, Amazon has discussed the possibility with Cineworld, which owns Regal Cinemas, and OTG, which operates mini-grocery stores at some airports.

Concession stands at stadiums and baseball parks are another area of interest, according to CNBC, with Amazon hoping it can retrofit Go technology into these partner locations in as little as two weeks and have “hundreds” of stores using the scan-and-go checkout by the end of 2020.

Amazon itself has opened 16 Go stores — 18 have been announced in total — and they join the company’s Amazon Books and Amazon 4-Star businesses to make up Amazon’s physical retail operation. (And that’s not even counting Whole Foods.) As CNBC notes, installing Go technology elsewhere would give Amazon another source of revenue without requiring the same commitment necessary to put up an entire store.

But it sounds like Amazon hasn’t quite settled on how the financials will work. Here’s CNBC’s Jordan Novet:

Amazon has explored different business models for its third-party Go strategy. The company looked at asking for a percentage of sales from the goods people purchase through the Go-equipped stores, or charging retailers up-front and then taking a monthly fee, two people said. It’s not clear if the Amazon brand name will be visible on the Go hardware or which app customers would use to sign in.

Movie theaters and airport shops are logical choices for cashier-free payment lanes. Both Regal and OTG declined to comment, so we don’t know when this integration might kick off, if it does at all, beyond sometime next year.