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Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch

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Blizzard’s colorful hero shooter Overwatch is getting more portable very soon. Today, during its Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed that the team-shooter would be launching on the Switch on October 15th. Both Eurogamer and Kotaku reported the news earlier in the day. The port also sounds like a pretty good deal: it’ll come bundled with 15 character skins and a three-month Nintendo Switch Online individual membership, which is required to play online.

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for Overwatch. In addition to the Switch port, the game has already added two new heroes in 2019 — Baptiste and Sigma — along with major changes like the creative Workshop mode and a new role queue feature designed to create more balanced team compositions. Meanwhile, on the e-sports front, the Overwatch League is gearing up for home-and-away matches in its third season in 2020, with season 2 playoffs kicking off later this week.

This won’t be Blizzard’s debut on the platform, as Diablo 3 previously made its way to Nintendo’s tablet. Meanwhile, the Switch is slowly turning into an excellent place for multiplayer shooters, if you can deal with the controls. In addition to Overwatch, the handheld is also home to excellent titles like Splatoon 2 and Fortnite.