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Anker is putting Fire TV in a soundbar for the first time

Anker is putting Fire TV in a soundbar for the first time


The Nebula Soundbar — Fire TV Edition

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Amazon and Anker are partnering to put a Fire TV into a soundbar for the first time. The new product is picking up Anker’s Nebula branding, which means that the proper way to refer to this new device is “The Nebula Soundbar — Fire TV Edition.” It’s a $229.99 soundbar that is able to stream 4K Ultra HD video and provides the Fire TV software without the need for another box.

Packing a streaming box into a soundbar seems like an obvious idea, but it’s not one that’s been tried all that often. JBL did it (after many delays) with Android TV, but beyond that there hasn’t been much until today. Now, in addition to JBL, Roku has launched a soundbar and Amazon is also joining the fray. It is theoretically more convenient than stringing together a separate stick and soundbar if your TV’s built-in apps don’t work.

Anker’s take on it seems fairly straightforward, though it doesn’t have quite the horsepower of a Fire TV Stick 4K or the new Fire TV Cube. Anker only specifies that it supports 4K Ultra HD video and “Dolby Vision pass through.” It comes bundled with an Alexa-enabled remote for voice commands, which Amazon refers to as “near-field Alexa voice control” — in other words, the speaker itself doesn’t have microphones for controlling Alexa just by talking to the room.

Amazon has been working to get many manufacturers to make “Fire TV Edition” televisions for a little while now — and alongside this soundbar it’s announcing several new televisions with Fire TV built in.

We’ve reached out to Anker to get the full product specs on the soundbar and will update this post when we hear back. But if you’re interested, the Nebula Soundbar is available now for preorder for $229.99 in the US. It’s also coming to Canada, the UK, and Germany. It ships on November 21st.