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Watch Porsche unveil the Taycan, its first fully electric sports car

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The live stream kicks off at 9AM ET

After four years of teasing its first all-electric car, Porsche is finally about to unveil the Taycan. The company is going all out, too, with three simultaneous events happening all around the world: one in Canada, one in Germany, and one in China. The event starts at 9AM ET, and you can watch it above.

Porsche hasn’t been shy about this car since it debuted as a concept car called the Mission E back in 2015 (four days before parent company Volkswagen’s Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal broke). We know it should have about 300 miles of range, offer thrilling performance, and likely have a six-figure price tag. Porsche has also shown off the screen-adorned interior of the Taycan.

So what the German automaker is likely to focus on today is the bigger picture. This will be the first time we see the Taycan free from any prototype bodywork. Porsche will help fill out the picture of what well-off buyers of the car can expect once it ships. And we’ll likely hear Porsche executives try to position the Taycan as the true tip of the spear for Volkswagen’s larger push into electric vehicles, one that outshines sister company Audi’s early effort, the E-Tron.