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Amazon is ramping up its fight to take over your living room

Amazon is ramping up its fight to take over your living room


A three-pronged approach

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Amazon has gotten pretty good at getting its services into your living room so far. Every year, the e-commerce giant sells millions of Fire TV Sticks, cheap little devices that are designed to plug into the back of your existing TV and equip it with all the streaming services you could possibly need. But as smart TVs and the built-in apps they carry improve, there’s eventually going to be less of a need for simple, standalone streaming devices. Today, we got our clearest look yet at how Amazon is preparing for that future.

The retailer had three announcements today: a new soundbar that also works as a streaming device, a new Fire TV cube that will release internationally, and new Fire TV Editions that are coming to the UK and Germany. Each one of them has a slightly different tactic for getting into your living room, whether it’s convenience, the promise of better sound for your TV, or a device that’s able to operate like a universal remote for your home media center. It’s getting harder and harder to earn a place in your living room, and Amazon wants to be ready for the challenge.

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