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Google search is getting personalized TV and movie recommendations

Google search is getting personalized TV and movie recommendations


They’ll show up directly in search

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Google is adding personalized TV and movie recommendations to search, in hopes of solving the age old question: what do you actually want to watch?

Now, when you search Google for things like “good shows to watch” or “what to watch,” there’ll be a new carousel-style menu with TV shows and movies that you can swipe left and right on, similar to a dating app. Google says that it’ll be able to curate those suggestions based on what you search: ask for “horror movies from the ‘80s,” for example, and you’ll get recommendations specifically for that.

You’ll also be able to select which streaming services you subscribe to, which Google will take into account when suggesting shows and movies to you. It’ll also use that data to give quick links to watch immediately. It’s a similar idea to sites like JustWatch, which provides the service of filtering streaming content based on what services you have, although by building it right into search, Google’s implementation may be more convenient.

The new recommendation features should be rolling out now on Google search — just in time for the fall TV season.