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Pixel 4 video leak reveals thick bezels and sides

Pixel 4 video leak reveals thick bezels and sides

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It’s not a Pixel phone launch until the entire device has been thoroughly examined on video, and with today’s leak, we’re getting a little bit closer. A video circulating today appears to show Google’s Pixel 4 (or perhaps the taller XL version) from all angles, revealing just how thick its bezels are, along with some previously unseen speaker cutouts along the bottom.

Unfortunately, the video is brief and — in classic gadget leak fashion — just a little haphazard and blurry. While it’s possible that this is a knockoff, the history of very real Pixel leaks means there’s a good chance this is the real thing. It appears to come from a Malaysian retailer, which we spotted via 9to5Google.

Google has already revealed portions of the Pixel 4’s design, but it’s largely hidden the front of the phone. While brief, this video provides our best straight-on look yet, showing a clear line of bezel around most of the display as well as the thicker top portion to make room for face recognition and gesture sensors.

The sides of the phone look particularly thick in this video, though I think they may just appear that way because they curve out a little instead of lying completely flat. The sides also appear to have a grippier matte texture than the back of the phone, which, unlike previous Pixel generations, is entirely covered in glass.

Last year, the Pixel 3 leaked repeatedly ahead of its launch, to the point where multiple people had thorough hands-on videos or reviews up. This year, Google has kept the Pixel 4 a bit more under wraps, though it’s also embraced the inevitable leaks and gone ahead and revealed cleaner, clearer, official imagery as well.

So far, Google has posted images of the back of the phone, and it’s revealed some key features, like the inclusion of facial recognition, along with Soli, its radio-based gesture sensing system. Given that we’re still a month away from the phone’s announcement and we’re already getting a leaked video, there’s almost certain to be more to come.

The phone is expected to be announced in early October.

Update September 5th, 11:05AM ET: Surprise, the phone has already leaked on video again.

This time, it shows the phone in white and booted up. Unfortunately, it’s equally brief, shaky, and blurry. This leak was spotted by XDA Developers and comes from a user on Weibo.

The GIF gives an even better sense of the thickness of the phone’s bezels. It also reveals that the white phone will include black sides and an orange power button.

Another potential addition: in the app drawer, there’s a red icon with a waveform on it, suggesting that Google could finally include a built-in voice recorder app. (Somehow, Android doesn’t have one.) I quickly checked the Play Store, and it doesn’t match the icons of any of the top results for existing voice memo or voice recorder apps, so hopefully that means Google made its own.