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Samsung is canceling all Galaxy Fold preorders so it can ‘rethink the entire customer experience’

Samsung is canceling all Galaxy Fold preorders so it can ‘rethink the entire customer experience’


Customers will get a $250 store credit as a consolation

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Samsung may have finally fixed the Galaxy Fold and confirmed new release dates for the foldable phone, but anyone who preordered the phone earlier this year may still be out of luck: Samsung is emailing customers to cancel all preorders while it “rethink[s] the entire customer experience” surrounding the sale of the phone, as seen in a tweets from YouTuber M. Brandon Lee and others.

A Samsung representative confirmed that the company is canceling all extant Galaxy Fold preorders placed online through Samsung. It’s a strange move, given that Samsung is so close to releasing the fixed phone. As a consolation prize, Samsung is offering customers a $250 credit for the Samsung store, but it’s likely a disappointment for anyone who had been holding out for the actual foldable phone.

Per Samsung’s email, the canceled preorders are due to the company looking to “ensure that you have the best possible experience with this revolutionary new technology,” and it notes that the company is rethinking the entire process, including purchasing, unboxing, and service for the Fold (although it doesn’t offer details). A Samsung representative also highlighted the recently announced “Galaxy Fold Premier Servicethat Samsung will be offering for the Fold — presumably part of the new sales process — and promised more details closer to launch.

Samsung has yet to reopen actual preorders for the updated, fixed Galaxy Fold. There is just a reservation line, so anyone with a standing preorder at this point is someone who preordered the phone back in April, and then specifically requested that Samsung not cancel their order when the company delayed the phone in May.

The new Galaxy Fold will be available on September 6th in Korea; September 18th in France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK; and “in the coming weeks” in the US (rumored to be September 27th).