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Even Korn can’t resist releasing its own branded fictional podcast miniseries

Even Korn can’t resist releasing its own branded fictional podcast miniseries


About a journalist’s surprise discovery that leads to ‘darkness’

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Korn Performs At North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre
Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Nu metal band Korn loves podcasts just like everybody else. It’s putting out a new single today, and it’s also announcing a new, six-episode podcast series it helped create. The Nothing, the name of the podcast series as well as the forthcoming album, is a fictional show about a journalist who travels to a small Kansas town to investigate a teenager’s disappearance. He discovers something — we clearly don’t know what yet — and then, according to the show’s press release, “finds himself heading into his own heart of darkness.” I have no idea what the twist could be or how it relates to Korn’s music.

Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, who’ve written other spooky films, wrote the show. Korn seemingly just consulted on it. We don’t have any details about when the show will be released, but the band’s new album comes out on September 13th, so presumably, it’ll be around then. It’ll be available on all podcast streaming platforms.

The new single’s music video also serves as the podcast’s trailer, which you can watch below. You’ll notice a lot of paper with the words “cult” and “death cult” highlighted, so we can assume this podcast involves a death cult.

Bigger celebrities, like Rami Malek, have begun attaching their names to fictional podcast series, but more in an attempt to star as their talent. Musicians have released longer albums to discuss the meaning behind their songs, and others have experimented with the idea of a podcast as an album. Korn’s greatest accomplishment was making a band named Korn go mainstream. Can it do it again with a podcast?