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Microsoft unveils redesigned To Do app that will replace Wunderlist

Microsoft unveils redesigned To Do app that will replace Wunderlist


Microsoft encourages Wunderlist users to switch to its To Do app

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Microsoft is making some big tweaks to its To-Do app this week, with a redesign that includes more customization options and a rename from To-Do to simply To Do. The big headers in the current version of To Do are going away in favor of a variety of background images and color templates that can theme the entire app. You’ll even be able to choose from the Berlin TV tower background that was featured in Wunderlist, as Microsoft tries to bring the best of Wunderlist and To Do together.

To Do looks a lot more like the original Wunderlist now, and backgrounds are customizable per list so you can really customize the look of To Do on a list by list basis. Dark mode is also now available on Android, Windows, and Mac, and it will soon debut on iOS 13 once Apple releases the update later this month.

Alongside the new backgrounds, Microsoft is also reminding Wunderlist users what has changed in To Do over the past year or so. A Mac version debuted earlier this year, and To Do also includes a daily planner feature that makes use of the smart lists that you may have used in Wunderlist. The My Day feature will refresh each day with suggestions for what you need to get done that day.

Microsoft is really hoping that these new To Do changes will help ease Wunderlist fans into the app. The new design comes just days after Wunderlist founder Christian Reber offered to buy back the app from Microsoft to avoid it being shut down. Microsoft has not provided any further updates on the timing of the Wunderlist shut down, but the company does mention this new version of To Do is “our best-of-both-worlds vision realized.” Microsoft is now looking for additional feedback on the changes, and reminding people that it’s easy to migrate over from Wunderlist.

Update, September 9th 9:30AM ET: Article updated to include Microsoft renaming the app from To-Do to simply To Do.