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Google’s Pixel 4 might come in a bright orange color

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Google usually offers a color variant for its Pixel handsets

Rumored Pixel 4 orange color

Google’s annual Pixel unveiling is likely around a month away, but we’re starting to hear and see a lot more about the upcoming Pixel 4. A potential leak from Weibo (spotted by Android Central) suggests that the Pixel 4 may come in a new bright orange color this year. Rumored images appear to show the new color option alongside the large rear camera section on the device.

This bright orange looks like a nice addition if it’s genuine, and it’s certainly a good way to deflect from the off-center camera housing that both Google and Apple appear to be opting for this year. Google does typically offer a more colorful option for its Pixel handsets alongside the usual black and white options.


Google already revealed portions of the Pixel 4’s design earlier this year, hoping to create some hype and avoid the usual weeks and months of leaks leading up to its unveiling. We’re now in the middle of what will likely be a huge amount of leaks for the Pixel 4. A video appeared last week and revealed the thick bezels of the Pixel 4, and rumors also suggest the handset will have 8x zoom, improved Night Sight, and a new “Motion Mode” to allow for sports and action shots.

Google hasn’t set an official date for the Pixel 4 unveiling, but we’re expecting to hear more about the device in early October.