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Epic says its PC game store now has more than 100 million users

Epic says its PC game store now has more than 100 million users


The company is also extending its free games program through 2020

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Epic games launcher
Image: Epic Games

Epic has some new metrics for the Epic Game Store a little over a year after its launch. The Fortnite developer now says the store has amassed 108 million registered users, thanks in part to the software doubling as the official PC launcher for the hit battle royale game.

Without monthly user stats, it’s hard to compare that number with Valve’s competing Steam store, which had 90 million users as of January of last year. (Valve has yet to release a more recent stat.) But it bodes well for Epic that so many people have dowloaded its launcher and that a significant portion of that number likely do use it at least once a month, even just to play Fortnite.

Epic says its PC game store is a success well beyond Fortnite, generating $680 million in revenue thus far. Of that amount, Epic says $251 million represents sales of third-party games, not including any coupons and not including any funding Epic has given to developers as part of exclusivity deals or promotions.

Epic says it’s kicked in $23 million in coupons and discounts toward game sales, and it’s also given away 73 titles as part of its free game program, with more than 200 million titles claimed. The company plans to keep up the program as well, and it’s announcing today that it’s extending the free game giveaways through 2020.

Yet, Epic has a long way to go if it’s to truly compete with Steam, the leading PC game marketplace and the primary storefront Epic is trying to compete against with its more developer-friendly 88-12 percent revenue split. In 2017, Valve is estimated to have earned more than $4 billion in revenue from just game sales, and that doesn’t even include microtransactions, downloadable content like expansion passes, and other digital goods.

Epic also detailed a list of the nine most popular titles to date, although the company isn’t releasing concrete sales figures for these respective titles. Those games include World War Z, Borderlands 3, Untitled Goose Game, Metro Exodus, Control, The Outer Worlds, The Division 2, Dauntless, and Satisfactory.

Update January 15th, 1:45PM ET: Clarified that the stats quoted in this story refer to Epic’s registered users and Valve’s monthly active users, which are not one-to-one comparable stats. The story has been updated to reflect the difference.