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This Jigglypuff Bluetooth speaker could be a sleeper hit

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Finally, Jigglypuff can sing to you in real life

Finally, Jigglypuff gets to sing under the lights... of the testing lab.
Image: FCC

Filings for a Bluetooth speaker that looks like Jigglypuff made by GameStop’s ThinkGeek brand have been published by the Federal Communications Commission. That means that if you’ve ever wanted a real-life Jigglypuff to sing you to sleep, you might be able to make that dream a reality sometime soon.

Here’s what the speaker looks like, from the filings:

It’s cute! I was especially charmed seeing photos of the Jigglypuff speaker in the lab, like the one at the top of this post and a couple more I found in the filings. The photos with the big spotlight almost make it seem like Jigglypuff is performing onstage or recording its hit album.

As cute as the Jigglypuff speaker is, though, these sorts of novelty speakers don’t usually sound very good. I haven’t heard it for myself, though, so it’s possible this is the exception to that rule (although it doesn’t seem too likely). But at the very least, if you just want to make something that looks like Jigglypuff play Jigglypuff’s famous lullaby, this speaker should work great for that.

According to the manual in the FCC filings, you’ll be able to connect to the Jigglypuff speaker through Bluetooth 5.0 or a 3.5mm headphone jack to play your music. The speaker also should have four to 10 hours of battery life, depending on how loud you turn up the volume and whether you’re using a wired or wireless connection (a wireless connection will probably drain the battery much faster). Disappointingly — but unsurprisingly for a novelty toy like this — it charges over Micro USB, not USB-C.

A product hitting the FCC usually means that it’s going to be released soon, and we’ve asked GameStop how much the speaker will cost and when you’ll be able to buy it at GameStop stores. If you live in Australia, though, the speaker is already available for preorder at EBGames, another division of GameStop. EBGames says it will release on April 1st and will cost $58 with a $10 deposit, a total that translates to about $47 USD.