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Welcome to Processor, a newsletter about consumer tech by Dieter Bohn

Welcome to Processor, a newsletter about consumer tech by Dieter Bohn


A daily email with The Verge’s biggest stories and smart commentary

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Hello and well met! You’re reading the first newsletter we’re calling Processor. It’s a newsletter about “computers,” but I am using that term in a winky way. What I mean is consumer technology: gadgets, tablets, computers, phones, software, and the companies that make the products we use every day. So Processor is about the computers that are all around us — on your wrist, on your wall, and yes, on your lap, too.

Every day, I’ll be rounding up the most important tech stories from The Verge and delivering them to your inbox with short commentaries and the occasional editorial essay. You can find an archive of previous newsletters here if you’re looking for examples of what I mean. That archive exists, by the way, because this newsletter has, until now, been called Command Line. If you’re already subscribed to that, Processor is the same thing.

This newsletter’s goal will be to catch you up quickly on the biggest news in consumer tech and also to give you sharp, pithy commentary on it.

Every few years, we sort of rediscover gadget blogging, and this newsletter is the latest version of that. Of course, you can never really go back to an earlier age of media. But I intend to be a little looser, more casual, and hopefully sometimes manage to pull off a joke or two. 

Ever since I’ve taken over this thing, I’ve said that I have enjoyed “tweeting” into the newsletter more than I have into Twitter. I’m doing a little more than that, of course, if only because this platform isn’t limited to 240 characters.

I’ll provide fuller editorial essays twice a week or so that have deeper editorial analysis. For the most part, though, this newsletter will be a place where you can catch up on stories without having to mess with Twitter, Facebook, RSS, or whatever else you’re using to get the news. Instead of being curated by an algorithm, it’ll be curated by me.

I hope you’ll consider subscribing — and if you already have, thank you. The best part about writing this newsletter under the Command Line name over the past few months has been the emails I’ve gotten back from readers. I want more of them. So along with this Processor rebrand, I’m setting the email to come directly from me. 

If you’ve heard of Processor, you probably know it as a show on YouTube that I also host. That’s not going away, and you can subscribe to get all of The Verge’s excellent videos on YouTube here

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A newsletter about computers, gadgets, software, and the future of consumer tech.